Excerpt from "The Green Body Cleanse: How to Clean Your Body and Home From Toxic Chemicals and Disease-Causing Agents." by Dr. Edward Group III


The Intestines and Colon!

Did you know that virtually all disease is caused by toxins entering your body through the intestines? These toxins make their way into the bloodstream, subsequently causing blood toxemia or congestive toxicosis, overworking the liver, and then infiltrating every type of tissue. This process is the origin of the “dis-ease” mechanism. A small amount of toxins enter through the skin and lungs via direct contact and respiration, respectively. Parasites, toxins from food, toxins from water, toxins from heavy metals, toxins from milk, soft drinks, coffee, alcohol, drugs, and everything else you ingest enter the body through the intestinal lining. Even toxins from the air you breathe pass through the intestines. These toxins become caught in the mucous linings of the mouth or nasal passages and then drain into the stomach, eventually making their way into the Intestines.

The intestinal lining is exposed to millions of toxins every day!
Toxic intestines are simply not able to function properly because they are inhibited by layers of accumulated toxins, which become impacted waste material. This creates a narrowed passageway leading to constipation and other bowel problems. Constipation, as you know, makes having regular bowel movements difficult and leads to further impaction. If toxins are not eliminated from the intestines on a regular basis, they leach back into the bloodstream through what is called “leaky gut syndrome” where they can ultimately cause disease.

Why Has This Been Kept a “Secret”?

Perhaps “secret” isn’t the most accurate word. Plain “lack of knowledge” might be a better choice. Ask any doctor to explain the role of the intestines and how they function in the body and I guarantee they will not be able to give you a definitive answer. Why is this? The answer is simple…
Doctors Are Not Being Taught to Prevent Disease!
If preventative measures and cleansing were taught in medical schools, many diseases we take for granted would simply cease to exist. The pharmaceutical industry, government-funded medical research, and virtual armies of around-the-clock medical staff would be unnecessary if people discovered all they had to do to achieve optimal health was keep their intestines, liver, body, and living environment clean. What we’re really talking about is the loss of hundreds of billions of dollars in annual health care revenue through the health industry’s persistent denial of preventative care.1

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